Marie Denise Guillory, M. Ed., LPC

Christian Counseling Services with Therapist Marie Denise Guillory in Lubbock, Texas. We provide anger resolution, reality therapy, weight loss therapy and more.

Marie Denise Guillory, M. Ed., LPC

Christian Counseling Services with Therapist Marie Denise Guillory in Lubbock, Texas

Life is a journey full of blessings and hardships. As a Christian counselor, my role is to facilitate your growth through those times of hardship. I know we are all created for a purpose and while I don’t believe God puts hardship on us, He does allow struggles to come our way for His expressed purpose. Our role in creation and my role as a therapist, is to assist you in determining how to deal with your hardships to His glory.

All knowledge and counseling success I have experienced is from God and through the power of His Holy Spirit working in me. While I have seen much success in my work with individuals, couples and families, I give God all the glory. It is not I but Him working through me. I am merely His vessel.

God has given us “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” –the Bible– and the answers to all life’s problems are found there. I take a biblical approach using His Word and recognized theoretical approaches to assist you in moving from where you are to where you want to be.

Counseling Services

We offer many different types of counseling services to meet the needs of our clients. These include anger resolution, reality therapy, and weight loss therapy.

About Denise

I have been practicing as a licensed professional counselor since 1997 in both the private and public sector with experience in both assessment and treatment.

We Accept Insurance

We accept many forms of insurance as well as direct payments from our clients. A list of insurance programs we work with is available

Reality Therapy

There is no one particular theory I adhere to as a therapist, but I believe that all theories have their own value in the right circumstances. As a therapist, I primarily utilize the Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, which, when summed up as a layman’s definition, is simply, “We are all dealt a certain hand in life, but how we play it determines the success of our lives”.

Anger Resolution Therapy

As a society, we are all prone to experiencing anger at some point in our lives and it is a common emotion that we all face. In order to deal with anger effectively, we need to understand how to deal with these feelings in order to deal with them effectively. It is simply an emotion that can escalate out of control and damage relationships. Anger is neither good nor bad. One area where counseling can be most helpful is in dealing with emotions.

Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss can be tough and if you have ridden the diet roller coaster then you know there must be more to it than a list of do’s and don’t’s. If you are unhappy with your weight or experiencing health issues because of those extra pounds, we can help.

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